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Latina climber breaks an inspiring record for fastest ascent of the world’s three highest mountains

By Kristen StephensonPublished 10 August 2020

Many little girls dream of one day being on top of the world, but Mexican climber Viridiana Álvarez Chávez grew up and actually did so.

In an incredible one year and 364 days, she scaled three peaks to achieve an adventurous Guinness World Records title.

Viridiana’s journey started with Everest (8,848 meters; 29,029 feet high) on May 16, 2017, followed by K2 (8,611 meters; 28,251 feet) on July 21, 2018, and finished at Kangchenjunga (8,856 meters; 28,169 feet) on May 15, 2019.

She is the first Latin American to climb K2, the second-highest mountain in the world, and one of the most dangerous.

In order to recognize her empowering accolade, she was recently honored with her title during a remote ceremony featuring Raquel Assis, Senior Manager, Guinness World Records Latin America Records Management Team.

This Guinness World Records title was previously held by Go Mi-Sun (South Korea), whose ascent to the three highest mountains was achieved in two years and two days.

In addition to mountaineering, Viridiana serves as a public speaker during youth conferences and events to promote a message of breaking paradigms; highlighting the importance of emotional intelligence, a positive attitude, discipline, and consistency to achieve goals.

“My career as a mountaineer started with an unusual and inspirational purpose: a simple personal challenge to exercise, but I ended up giving up my office job; risking comfort to experience the magic of the mountains. It was proof that dreams do not have to be lifelong dreams and that anyone who sets them can achieve even what are considered ‘unattainable goals,’ such as breaking a world record,” Viridiana said.

Her next ambition includes conquering the 14 highest mountains in the world, and become the first North American to do so. She already has five down, so she is off to a great start.

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